Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stop the mortgage bailout on NPR Wednesday

I just received an update about the stop the mortgage bailout initiative. Tune in to NPR tomorrow to hear more about it.

"Hi all. ?Thanks for your efforts against the bailout. ?We have good news; as a direct result of all of your hard work, the media is finally starting to wake up to the reality that there is side to the bailout other than the cheerleading that is currently the mainstay. ?

Tomorrow morning, on the national news radio program "Morning Edition," NPR will air a piece that includes interviews with Stop the Housing Bailout, Patrick.net, and Seattle Bubble. ?We are also in contact with the New York Times, and hope that an article will be forthcoming about our efforts to stop the bailout.?

Please continue to post about this issue. ?And -- as we will be encouraging folks to do on the site -- please contact your local media outlet to pressure them for more balanced bailout coverage!


Perplexed said...

Tim of Seattle Bubble was on air, also mentioned the blog host from San Francisco.

What I didn't hear discussed was the amount of $$$ for the bailout of home builders (but then I listen to the entire discussion).

Anonymous said...

If they do not do something...watch the prices plummet in the NW. PDX had a bubble too. Study Florida, Vegas, CA, Pheonix...you will see where the NW is heading. The market prices will drop to foreclosure prices. Good for buyers but not sellers.

Kirk Coburn said...

PDX OUTSIDER please update the links on home page with this "Stop the Bailout" webpage. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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