Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update - 5421 NE 25th down from $319k to $289k

This little bungalow was just re-listed with new photos (see the post here). The price is now down to $289k.

Dante asked if anyone wanted to make a prediction as to where it would sell, I'll jump in and say $249k, in April.

Anybody else?

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Anonymous said...

My prediction is $247K in May with about $7K in buyers closing costs paid by the seller. That way the price will be artificial inflated so the realtors can use it as a comp when they try to get another sucker, err buyer to purchase another home in the area.

tyler said...

Nice reduction but still overpriced. They must love paying that mortgage every month as they continue to try and chase the market down. I predict it will be down to the oh so classic price of $249,000 by April but at that time they will still be overpriced.

greg said...

My prediction is that it will be foreclosed upon after the speculative flipper defaults.

BB said...

My prediction is that by April 2011 that "little gem" will be selling for about $129k once again.

Naaahhhhh. That'll NEVER happen HERE!

Let the buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

Just one lot off of Killingsworth? No thank you. G-H-E-T-T-O.

Watch Alberta/Concordia to witness real-time gentrification in reverse.

How long until we're ducking drive-bys in New Seasons?

Dante said...

This listing is gone. I can't find another one in RMLS for zip 97211 that looks like this house. Did this one actually sell [shudder] for the asking price? Anyone know?