Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Truth Hurts - 829 NE Beech St.

I've heard of the "buy the smallest house on the block" strategy, but I"m not sure I've heard of the "buy the ugliest house on the block" strategy. But hey, whatever works!

Here's the Realtor's description of this house:

"*More photos Take tour*Large corner lot. Ugliest home in the neighborhood. Hardwood in Dining room. One car garage with room to expand."

Christing gets my "Realtor of the Day" award for honesty. And it's probably not a bad strategy.

For what it's worth, this is the smallest, ugliest house around, as it is surrounded by nice, older homes in an up-and-coming neighborhood. I've walked past it and seen it in person.

RMLS# 9004068, Listed for $169k


It's amazing what a little marketing can do. I didn't even realize the photo above was the same house as posted a few days ago here.

I can only imagine a new Realtor has taken over the listing, as it's improved remarkably.

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bearlee said...

Did the pending sale fall through?

eln said...

Is this lil' dump structurally unsound to have a selling price sooo low?

BWD said...


Have a selling price soo low? The selling price to me is way to high for a little crap shack such as this. Maybe $125K if it doesn't need much work. People shouldn't confuse 2005-2007 prices with todays market. There are completely different animals. I would look back to 2004 or earlier prices & make any offer to purchase based on those prices.