Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Industry Propaganda

Clint is featuring a great sad piece of real estate propaganda on his site: "Oregon Real Estate Propaganda". The original site is here.

A couple choice quotes:

" Homeowners in it for the long-term nearly always come out ahead in building wealth."

Nearly is the key word here. In some cases it can take 10 years to recoup your investment, like the entire 90's in California. And Case Schiller has shown that housing tracks inflation over the past 100 years, today's prices are way over the historic average prices.

They're quoting Darin Provost as an expert? Who? He has 5 blog posts, and that makes him an expert? I' can think of 2-3 other Realtors with better sites off the top of my head, but I guess they weren't invited to this party.

I can't blame the real estate industry for cranking up the marketing, in a down market it's the smart thing to do.

But Clint and I can give you an alternative view, one that doesn't paint Portland with such rosy colors. Unlike this collection of industry insiders, this outsider wants to make sure you have ALL the facts, not just their hand picked facts.

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