Saturday, May 3, 2008

Who'd like to guest post?

Would anybody like to submit a guest post? Or 2? Or 10?

Yours truly had a run in with a patch of gravel on my bike ride home on Thursday, and the gravel won. While I'd like to say that my biggest injury was to my ego (definitely bruised), my left arm did come out a bit worse for wear (minor fracture). My typing speed is way down with only one good hand, so the posts will likely slow down for a little while.

Which creates an opportunity for you guys and gals. Any hot topics you'd like to discuss? Buyer's looking for advice? Seller's looking for tips? Development info?

Think of it as an open thread with more visibility. We've got lots of smart readers and contributors out there and this is your chance to make it more of your blog.

If you're game send the post via email to me, and I will help edit. I can post photos or links to photos. The more complete the post the better.


Kirk Coburn said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope we can get some of the great contributors of this blog to step up. I will think about how I can help too.

Patient Renter said...

That sucks about the wreck. Hope you heal up soon.

elneal said...

A wreck one in a while put everything in perspective, doesn't it? Be liberal with the neosporin.

PDXOutsider said...

Thanks guys, I'm healing nicely. I'm in a sling, not a cast, and should be out of the sling this weekend, and by then I think I'll be able to type normally again.

As always, an injury or illness makes you appreciate your health! Not being able to pick up our daughter easily is the worst part.