Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Open Thread - Vacation Time

We're off for a little vacation to visit family, so here's an open thread for y'all to discuss the latest Wall St. meltdown or whatever else you feel like. Catch you in a few days!


Anonymous said...

One other leading indicator would be realtors being either net buyers or sellers of real estate. During the bubble build up I am very certain that realtors were net buyers. Either buying rentals, flips or moving up to higher valued homes. Browsing through the RMLS over the last several months I have noted a higher than normal number of listings which indicate they are realtor owned. These appear to be both personal residences & rental properties. PDX real estate market could get real nasty in 2009. Just a theory but I believe it has some merit.

White Salamander said...

Just wanted to take a second and thank the author and participants of this blog for keeping from making a big mistake. About 7 months ago I was so close to buying a house. I wanted so badly to stop renting and buy a house. I had totally bought into the "buy now or be priced out forever" and "PDX realestate will still be ok" propaganda. I had been approved by a broker to borrow money that amounted to 6 times my annual income with only 10% down. The crazy thing is that I was ready to do it. Then I stumbled across this blog and what I read was different from what my agent and broker were saying. Needless to say you all talked me out of it, I signed another year lease and I think I'll be in an even stronger position next year.

Thanks a lot guys, I can't even imagine how much I'd be hating life right now if I'd followed my agents advice.

bearlee said...

I stumbled across a Prune Hill rental. Where did all the trees go? Is that how the hill got it's name, cuz they pruned the hell out of it?!

PDX Outsider said...

"Thanks a lot guys, I can't even imagine how much I'd be hating life right now if I'd followed my agents advice."

You're welcome. This is exactly the reason I started this blog, to help provide an alternate viewpoint to the biased viewpoints that all want you to buy, no matter if it's the right decision for you.

Spread the word, there are more people to help, I still hear misconceptions stated regularly.