Friday, October 24, 2008

Double Check Those School Districts

I've seen a lot of listings with mislabeled school districts. This can obviously affect the price of a house considerably, and lead to major disappointment if you're looking for a specific school.

Before you get serious about any property you're looking at (at least in Portland) run the address through the Portland School District website (here) to confirm where it sits today.

I know the boundaries have changed considerably recently and will likely continue to change, but frankly I wouldn't trust anything in the listings as they seem to be wrong more than right in my experience.

The post below is a classic example. I can't prove it was mislabeled incorrectly on purpose, but it wouldn't surprise me as Grant is ranked higher than Jefferson in recent school ratings.

I have also added a link to the Buyer's Resources to the right for future reference.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In addition to incorrect school districts, I've also found a *ton* of listings w/ incorrect lot sizes. Looking for a large lot in PDX area on Zillow is a total waste of time. I've seen my share of incorrect MLS listings, too.