Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Party inside the spacious living room..."

From the "truth is stranger than fiction file" comes this reader sighting (RMLS #8058002). The actual listing text is below:

Party inside the spacious living room or on the covered patio; great place to invite friends over for good times. Two cozy fireplaces w/ gas inserts. Large brick barbecue in fenced back yard. Lots of new double paned windows w/ vinyl frames, new oak laminate flooring in living room. new roof on garage. lots of extras.
There are 6 photos posted, and the last one is this:

Damn, those are some serious party animals. I'd LOVE to party with them. Knowing how much fun can be had in this house will DEFINITELY help it sell.

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Anonymous said...

snob. someday you'll be old and people will laugh at you. instant karma.

PDX Outsider said...

Well I wouldn't call it instant karma, more like delayed karma.

But my point wasn't to poke fun at these people but at the Realtor who was highlighting the "partying". I expected to see a wet bar, or a pool table, or something similar. But these folks aren't exactly the cast from Animal House.

It's also generally considered a no-no to include people in real estate ads.

Happy Renter said...

Get over yourself anonymous. He clearly wasn't making fun of them for being old. The funny part is that a realtor included this clearly inappropriate picture to highlight the house. Lighten up a little.