Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chicago Cop Won't Evict Renters

A local sheriff in Cook County Illinois has decided not to evict renters that are evicted when their landlord falls behind on the mortgage.

"CHICAGO - The sheriff here said Wednesday that he's ordering his deputies to stop evicting people from foreclosed properties because many people his office has helped throw out on the street are renters who did nothing wrong.

"We will no longer be a party to something that's so unjust," a visibly angry Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said at a news conference.

"We have to be sure that when we are doing this — and we are destroying some people's lives — we better be darned sure we're talking about the right people," Dart said.

Dart said he believes he's the first sheriff in a major metropolitan area to stop participating in foreclosure evictions, and the publisher of a national foreclosure database said he's probably right."

Good for this guy. He might go to jail for it, but it's nice to see someone doing something positive these days. If the banks were smart they'd try to sell the house to the renters instead of taking it back.

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WillJongIll said...

WOW! Great find. This is the stuff of wild times.