Friday, July 24, 2009

Freddie Mac - Youtube sensation?

This headline caught my eye as it appealed to both the marketer in me and my interest in real estate:

"Freddie Mac turns to YouTube to help troubled homeowners"

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac is using to educate homeowners at risk of foreclosure on how they can help reduce the stress and time it takes to get a mortgage modification under President Obama's Making Home Affordable program or Freddie Mac's other workout programs.

Freddie Mac posted a new video on the site that tells borrowers what financial documents they need to have available before calling a mortgage servicer. The documents will enable the mortgage servicer to determine the homeowners' eligibility for a workout and process the application, Freddie Mac representatives note.

The two-minute video, available in English and Spanish, can be seen at

Huh, maybe they've hired some new talent.

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