Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Portland among top 10 most walkable cities

From the Portland Business Journal:

"Portland is among the top 10 walkable cities in the nation, according to a Web site that measures walkability. ranked the largest 40 cities in the nation on a scale of zero to 100 based on how easy it is to live a “car-lite” lifestyle. Portland is number 10, with a walk score of 66.

Seven neighborhoods in Portland are Walkers’ Paradises, with walks scores of 90-100. Forty-five percent of Portland residents have a walk score of 70 or above. Eighty-three percent have a walk score of at least 50 — and 17 percent live in car-dependent neighborhoods."

This doesn't surprise me, as we specifically relocated to Portland because we like the walkability. But it's nice to see it acknowledged, and I've been a fan of since stumbling across them last year.

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