Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How is your neighborhood doing?

Trulia is a wealth of information, and one of my favorite features is their pricing heat map.

You can see recent price activity for individual neighborhoods to see which 'hoods are still hot, and which are fading fast.

I've included the data by zipcode here, as I can't fit it by neighborhood, but if you go here you will see it.

Just be careful, the amount of data in these analysis is small, so the margin of error is high and the trends can change quickly.

Any comments on why certain areas are holding their prices while others aren't?

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Anonymous said...

According to the map image, it is showing data from Apr-Jun of _2008_ but the table below has 2009 data. I imagine that, if it's actually 2008 data in the picture, that would be showing appreciation that no longer is in existence.

PDX Outsider said...

Good eyes. The map is either mislabeled, or they're referring to growth from Apr-Jun 08 to Apr-Jun 09, but the map matches the data as far as I can tell.