Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Reduction - 4094 NE 34th now $299k

Back on the 5th we were discussing 4904 NE 34th. Today the price was lowered again to $299k.

There are now three houses for sale on this corner, and another one just a few houses up the street.

MLS #8021247


Patient Renter said...

Jeez, I wouldn't pay more than 100k for that thing, and even then I still wouldn't want it.

Anonymous said...

I see they are trying to market it as Beaumont/Wilshire and not Alberta Arts. That is their problem. But is has granite and stainless. It should be selling.

The property line on portlandmaps is amusing.

Anonymous said...

Any more price reductions out there?

Ray said...

RMLS # 8001040 sales price over $300,000 in 2005. Now asking price $259,990.

PDXOutsider said...

i just did a search on craigslist for "reduced" and got 438 hits.

so yeah, i think there are lots of reductions out there. if you want me to highlight one send it over, otherwise i just post houses that i stumble across, or houses we were once interested in that we decided to pass on.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that this property is "no longer available" on the John L. Scott website. I am betting they removed it and will relist it because I'm pretty sure there has been little to no interest in it.