Monday, March 3, 2008

Is the Wheelbarrow Included in the Price? - 5244 NE 18TH AVE

Here's my free tip of the day to all the realtors out there.

Your text might read: "No expense spared or corner untouched remodel." and "This your dream remodel"

But the first thing I notice in this photo is the dead lawn, and no landscaping. Which means I'll be investing in those as soon as I move in, or not if I've blown all my money on a deposit

The workers in the background above and the wheelbarrow, unfinished deck and crap in the driveway in the second shot scream "we just rushed through this and cut a few corners to get this onto the market before our financing runs out".

You only get one chance to make a first impression, the little details matter.

RMLS# 8020503

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Anonymous said...

Is that a plastic water bottle on the deck railing (picture #2)?


PDXOutsider said...

sarcasm noted.

but seriously, sales are down 40% and you can't take the time to clean up a bit, or wait until your flip is done? good luck...

Anonymous said...

I was looking at properties this weekend and saw one with A DOG in the photo. A dog says dog pee in the carpet or on your wood floor, dog hair that will have to be scrubbed away, dog smell in the air. Possible scratching at doorways and burrowing in the yard. Definitely a work-added image.

The rest of the place was filthy too. It was this one:,CITY&OBD=ASC&RID=RC_DETAIL_002&SCHT=&FID=RC_SEARCH_MLSNUMBER&PRPT=0&ID=8012653&RPP=5&P=1&T=0.391171&SpecificOrder=

Not to mention it's at least $200,000 overpriced and has had zero updating - orange and yellow paint does not mean updating. It's no longer 2005.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks to portlandmaps, we see that the flip you linked to was sold for $229,000 on 7/19/07. Yeah, somehow I doubt $200,000 value has been added.

PDXOutsider said...

well at least he pulled permits. i've seen the owner's name before, he must be doing this regularly.

but looking at old complaints, yikes! as recent as 2002 it looks like this was a crack house. my how the neighborhood has changed!

PDXOutsider said...

anonymous 1:58, the link didn't work. RMLS doesn't like you linking to their site, did you catch the RMLS #?

Anonymous said...

People who post cats and dogs in their shots -- that may send the wrong message to some, but for people who love dogs and cats its really gets attention and makes it easy to remember.

As far as this property: $425k = LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Argh, sucks. I much prefer but Hasson's listings, I don't think, make it onto there. In any case this one didn't.

Trying a direct link to the Hasson agent's listing?