Wednesday, March 5, 2008

House Flipping Didn't Work, Let's Try Comedy!

It seems like you can't swing a dead rat without reading about the real estate market these days.

This morning I was flipping through this weeks Willamette Week, and without even trying came across three real estate references.

In the editorials on page 4 there is a funny piece about building a wall between us and California to keep out the "professionals, engineers, teachers, techies, etc" with a reference to the misconception that Portland home prices are continuing to rise: "Why should the rest of the nation's home values continue to plummet when Portland's stay steady, and even increase?" The piece is pretty funny, the misconception is not.

On page 15 there is a half page ad for Harrison High Condos, touting "Your home, your price". Come in and name your price. We can't sell these things, so please make an offer so we can pay back our construction loans.

Um, how about you pay me to live there, so the building doesn't look deserted. No?

Finally, on page 31, there is an article about local comics. Under things you should know about Andy Wood is the quote "Turned to comedy when house-flipping failed."

How bad is the housing market when stand up comedy is a better job than restoring (flipping) houses!?! Bad.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was a joke.

Patient Renter said...

Since when do lowly teachers drive up prices on anything?