Friday, March 14, 2008

What's the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Sales knows they're lying.

Over on SocketSite there's a great example of why some of us are suspicious of Realtors, and salespeople in general.

The Only Appropriate Headline: “What The Hell Were They Thinking?”

This goes back to my comments earlier about 632 NE Russell, which I don't think Alixe really internalized, so I'll repeat it again.

If I catch you lying, misrepresenting, fibbing, stretching or omitting the truth about one aspect of a sale, I can only assume you're doing the same elsewhere. You've now made me suspicious of everything else you say.

Is it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

Another example of misrepresentation:
MLS# 8021247
It says that it's Beaumont/Wilshire but that would be across the street from where the house sits, firmly in Concordia.

Being a resident of Concordia (and a neighbor to this house), why can't we get any love? Concordia has a lot going for it.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. The trendy Northeast Portland neighborhoods are warring again! Earnest, NPR-supporting Concordia inhabitants feel slighted when one compares the number of Portland Monthly articles written about it compared to Beaumont.

Take heart. PM will get to all of you in one of its upcoming "Best of" stories. Right after they do their Best of Pretentious Restaurants and Best Private Schools (yet again!) but perhaps before their Best Portland Doctors issue.