Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bad Marketing of the Week

I've seen some great marketing, some average marketing, and some downright poor marketing in our house search. But this one takes the cake.

RMLS# 8052139

No Photo.

The description in it's entirety: "Spacious duplex"

Makes me want to run right out and see it!

Courtesy of "New Start Real Estate LLC" which doesn't even show up on Google. Anybody know anything about them? Discount brokers? FSBO? Masters of brevity?

- edit -

Looks like Ellie added a photo, taken from inside her car! Come on, show a little effort!


Nick said...

Buy try to cut her commission and listen to the whining!

Anonymous said...

Again, looks like a wide angle lens.

bearlee said...

Any realtors out there wanna comment on the desk fee issue when the market slows down. I can guess that each office charges differently but our realtor in 1999 left Barbara Sue Seal for ReMax d/t BSS charging $25K/year in desk fees.

Could this explain more realtors going 'independent'?

Anonymous said...

Taking a look at the cars around the duplex, I can understand why she didn't leave the car. She was probably afraid that the poor would rub off on her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, shame on them for being poor, and not driving nice cars.

PDX Outsider said...

"Taking a look at the cars around the duplex, I can understand why she didn't leave the car. She was probably afraid that the poor would rub off on her."

Most of the cars in that lot are worth more than the two we drive! LOL! That's a pretty bitchin' Riviera in the back there, I'd love to have that car.

Don't judge a book by it's cover...

skeptictank said...

Talk about bad marketing, last week I was perusing some Beaverton RE on google maps. Found a nice ranch style place with lots of nice photos of various parts of the house. Then at the end there's this one photo showing the fuse box - who has a fuse box anymore? - and it looked like there had been flames in the general vacinity. Niiice. Nothing says "solid & reliable" like a picture of a fuse box with burn marks.

skeptictank said...

Ah, yes, here's the fuse box picture:



skeptictank said...

...sorry, you'll have to hit that green right arrow and scroll to the last pic. It's there in all of it's retro-fuse-box glory.

Anonymous said...

There are times a wide angle lens should be avoided, and this is one of them.

One would think the Realturd coulda nosed in closer to the domicile and shot over the wipers. But maybe s/he didn't know how to use reverse in her car...or anything else. There's a lot of that going around.

Realturd friend in nearby Wayne, PA (Main Line, spendy hood) opined over drinks the other night (he bought) that he should be able to charge more than 6 percent now that sales are going down and his Beemer SUV is so much more expensive to fill.

I replied that he should give it a try.