Friday, June 20, 2008

June Open Thread

Don't forget about the blog meet-up coming up in only 10 days! I'm looking forward to meeting all the folks that make running this blog so much fun.

Anybody seen summer? I hear they found it on the east coast. In the meantime, here's an open thread to keep you busy while we all shiver and hibernate in the damp cold.


Anonymous said...

Perusing Craigslist real estate ads. Observations:

1. The use of wide angle lenses is out of control. Like we don't know that the bulging walls indicate an attempt to deceive.

2. There are 470 ads that use the term "stunning" in the ad. The only thing stunning about real estate these days is the prices people are expecting to get in a downturn.

Perplexed said...

The other obnoxious term is "fabulous". 106 instances.

Perplexed said...

135 "fantastic"

bearlee said...

"desperate" only 4 on CL are admitting it

PDX Outsider said...

Ooo, this is getting fun.

211 "short sale"

More short sales than fabulous homes!

31 Foreclosure

Ooo, I think I have a winner.

1692 Spacious

Funny, I always thought spacious = small.

Anonymous said...

343 "motivated"

554 "reduced"

431 "desirable"

134 "upscale"

131 "exquisite"

39 "potential"- as in loaded with

Anonymous said...

sorry, that was 393 "potential"

bearlee said...

How about my favorite "below 2007 appraised value" = 14

"below appraised value" = 98

Perplexed said...

I want to see "below County assessor's real market value".

Although those values are computer created they may be closer to the truth than many sellers may want to accept.

martin said...

What's going on with 7646 N Willamette (MLS#8047532)? It's currently $164k, but sold for $239k in '04 and $105k in '05. It looks like it's kinda sharing a garage with 7660 N Willamette or something. The assessed value went down over $100k in '03. How does that work?

Perplexed said...

I wonder if it was an oversized lot and divided.

Anonymous said...

Odd development over the weekend -- a nearby cul de sac (with 7 houses) in Vancouver has 2 houses for sale right across the street from each other that are the same house plan!

The odd part is there was a "stealth" open house for a third house! I had no idea the house was for sale -- there is no sign in the yard. The open house sign was put on the sidewalk w/ no advance notice. Walking past it, I now see a lock box, but still no sign.

Can someone w/ MLS find the house? I'm curious what the price is:

9413 NW 22 CT, Vancouver WA 98665

The other two houses for sale are at: 9401 (mls 8033114) & 9402 (mls 8050193). 9401 was relisted w/ a different agent after dropping the price five thousand dollars...

According to Clark county website they were purchased Apr-May 05 for about $295k, so here we are three years later asking only $80k more!

The cul de sac is too new for Zillow...


Anonymous said...

More wide angle nonsense. And look at this hell pit! It's only 160K but has it come to the point where we excuse such a slum because it's "only" 160K?

strum40 said...

@anonymous with that Vancouver house.

Pretty sure this is it. $329,000

Another tidbit, Clark County has put up many of the 2008-2009 assessments. I've noticed some big drops especially on stuff above 500k. Not a very happy day if you paid the 2007-2008 assessed value in the last couple of months.