Monday, June 16, 2008

Creative Marketing - 3328 NE 81st Ave

Michelle sent in the following Craigslist ad:

3328 NE 81st Ave

The text of the ad is below. What they conveniently neglect to mention is that they just bought it for $175,500 in May. And in my not-so-humble opinion, the most recent sale price is my best indicator of current value, not a sale from 18 months ago. But it's hard to resist that temptation to think "wow, it's now 25% off!".


The house was sold in January 2007 for $270,000.

Appraised at $265,000

Assessed by Zillow: $263,500

Assessed by Cyber homes: $253,100

Bank of America: $258,000

Comparable neighboring houses currently listed for sale (Zillow valuation in parens):

3434 NE 82nd Ave - $250,000 ($248,500)

3148 NE 81st Ave - $220,000 ($213,000)

3234 NE 81st Ave - $239,900 ($245,000)

1135 NE 80th Ave - $269,900 ($260,000)

3118 NE 81st Ave - $228,375 ($237,000)

8030 NE Beech St - $234,900 ($261,500)

4200 NE 81st Ave - $249,900 ($245,000)

3118 NE 81st Ave - $228,375 ($237,000)


3 bed, 1 bath

1180 SF & 432 SF unfinished basement

Master on main

Large living room with high ceilings

Hardwood throughout

Light and bright

Front porch

Fenced back yard with deck and shed

5,000 SF lot

Newer furnace


Near bus and shopping. Walk to park and schools. Easy access to I-205 and I-84.

Address: 3328 NE 81 Ave. (not backing to 82 ave.)

House is not a fixer but is being sold as-is.

E-mail or call 360 604-0613 for info or showing. Click on photo below for pictures.

We'll be working at the house all weekend - please feel free to knock if you drive by and would like to see the inside."


jake said...

That house is down the street from me. Walking by it looks ok--if you're interested in living behind fast food shops on 82nd. There's also 3 or 4 other houses for sale--same block, same side of the street. Wonder what's up..

Anonymous said...

Best friend moved to PDX a few years back, decided to ride out the buyermania. Smart woman. She was always telling me stories like this. "Creative Marketing" is another term for "lying through the greedy stupid teeth."

It can be worse. Another friend was living in WA State I think last year when they had that ballot initiative that would basically let landowners get the public to pay them the difference between what their land would sell for, and what they thought it was worth. It was voted down, but the land developer cabal was furious.

Say you bought a bunch of wetlands and expected that someday it'd all be trillion-dollar housing. But between when you bought in 1960something and today, a) nobody wanted malaria and the typhoid schitz bad enough to develop it and b) it turned out that its best use was for wildlife/green buffer.

Well that can't be right, because the landowner expected a trillion bucks, so has to be compensated by the public! (And it was a GOP initiative. More welfare posing as biz.)

I got this six-pack. Paid $3 for it, am selling at $300, which is what I say it's worth. It's Vintage Beer, a real collector's item. Now someone will only offer me $2.75 cuz they say it's been sitting in my attic for ten years and may no longer be of use to them, which is to drink. They made me an offer and I took it cuz I knew I couldn't do better with them. Hey, taxpaying sucker--you owe me $298.25!"

Things are bad here in Philly, but at least we aren't pretending everything's just spiffy OK and we're the center of the known universe. ;)


Jhon said...

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