Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Portland Real Estate Outsiders / Housing Blog Meetup

We should probably leave well enough alone, but Clint (Portland Housing Blog) and I decided it's time to meet some of the cast of characters in person.

Here are the details:

Where: The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub on SE Hawthorne.

When: Friday June 20th at 8pm.

Who: Everybody –even Realtors/agents are welcome to join in the fun. And it will be fun.

Why: Because we’ve talked to each other for over a year (a little less here) and it’s about time we share a cold brew together.

The date and location are open to discussion; if a bunch of people can’t meet on a Friday night then we can adjust.

Paper bags with eye-holes will be provided for those wishing to remain anonymous.

Are you planning to attend? Let us know in the comments…


Kirk Coburn said...

I'll be there dude. But 06/20? Why not this weekend? That's too much advance notice.

PDXOutsider said...

So you'll have time to prepare your costume of course!

Anonymous said...

Why did you delete my comment about Clint? It's true and I can prove it. Why do you want to associate with a guy who harasses someone for being gay? Do you harbor similar feelings?

I expected more even-handedness from you.

bearlee said...

YamYam, what ever happened between you and Clint. From what I followed on the blog nothing seemed evil. Did he email you personally? Where did it get ugly?

Anonymous said...

First, someone started using my screen name to harass people so I registered the name. Then someone used the registered name to harass people and the name was hyper-linked to hotgaysex.com. When I wrote Clint to protest he said there was nothing he could do about it. I found it odd that someone could use my registered screen name and hyperlink it to a porn site.

Ever since then, when I simply go to his blog to read it, it reroutes me to the same hotgaysex.xom website. That made me realize that HE was the one using my name to harass people and that only the blogmaster could have had the power to use someone's screen name WITH the hyperlink. Not only that, when I tried to go to his site from a PC at work it gave me a browser virus that kept opening gay porn windows until I finally had to shut down the system.

He didn't like my posts because they contained politics and when it was revealed that I was gay he started harassing me as an anonymous user which finally culminated in him using MY screen name for mischief.

I will continue to dog that a-hole for doing that stuff. There was no reason for that. Giving me a browser virus at work was over the top.

My posts were well received by some, hated by others but never as bad as the things he had my persona doing when he was pretending to be me.

Maybe I'll be at the meet up to see who he is. No threat here, I am gay after all. We're a non-violent tribe. That way I'll know who he is but for all he knows I'm just one of the many people who read the invitation. :)

bearlee said...

Boy, I missed that one...you are gay?!??!

Please come to the Lucky Lab. I would love to meet you and if the conversation gets dry you can expose yourself;O)

Your comments made the blog interesting to read. It kind of gets ho-hum now, especially since the C-S and RMLS reports are demonstrating that Portland IS in decline.

Clint8200 said...


I’d like for you to come to the meetup, it will be a good opportunity for us to talk as a group.

Kirk Coburn said...

It's going to be awesome. By the way, I am "Bob & Wang" on Charles blog. Will be nice to put a name to the face (for PDX Outsider, Bearlee, etc) -- Many of you who I have read and appreciated your posts.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is corny, but I appreciate the invitation from Clint. I love make-up blogging. :)

Just stop making my browser go to the gay porn site and simply let me read the blog. I'll stop f*cking with you then.

I probably wouldn't go to the meet-up, though. Thanks anyway.

PDX Outsider said...

Glad to see this is working out. sort of. our own little drama right here in cyber-space.

I've honestly been impressed with the dialog here. Maybe the nut jobs are elsewhere, but when I asked people to debate the arguments not the people, most people have stuck to that. Kudos dudes and dudettes.