Friday, June 20, 2008

Reminder - Blog Meetup Tonight

Don't forget, tonight is the first meet-up for the local Portland real estate blogs. Here are the details:

Where: The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub on SE Hawthorne.

When: Friday June 20th at 8pm.

Who: Everybody –even Realtors/agents are welcome to join in the fun. And it will be fun.

Why: Because we’ve talked to each other online and it’s about time we share a cold brew together.

I will be offering my opinions on the local market, live! I know at least one Realtor will be there, and I look forward to hearing other's opinions and engaging in a little healthy debate about where the Portland market is going.


Anonymous said...

So let us know. Who showed up? How did it go? Any surprises? Fur flying? Did Charles Turner punch out Clint for insulting his family last year? Any budding bubble blogger romances? Clint & DinOR? Tiffany Barnswell & Squeezed? Bob & Wang?

Just joking about the last part. :)

PDX Outsider said...

Thanks to everybody who showed up!

Special thanks to Clint for co-hosting and co-organizing, and a big thanks to Ron for coming out and braving the heat. We didn't get to talk long, but he did look like he was having a good time.

We had about 10-12 people come. PDX Renter, Ray, Uncle Git, Ron Ares, myself, Clint, and at least 5 others who's names escape me at the moment.

The conversations were lively, the beer was good, no punches were thrown, and I believe a good time was had by all.

I was impressed by the level of discussion regarding macro-economic market issues, as well as Portland micro-economic issues.

And of course there was lots of discussions about bad infill projects, foreclosures, condo over-development, how to pick a real estate agent, etc.

We'll definitely do it again, it's nice to get out from behind the keyboard once in a while.

Other interesting notes:

Clint is younger than most thought.

I am not.

Ages ranged from early 20's to early 50's.

Mostly men, one woman (Julie? Too many beers to remember)

Nobody needed a keyboard in front of them to speak.

Thanks again for coming, and for everybody who reads and makes this fun.

-Ian (PDX Outsider)

uncle_git said...

pdx outsider - good to meet you away from a keyboard - definitely have to do it again soon.

Maybe at McPete's on Freemont so we don't have to drive and can properly imbibe ? :)

Ron Ares said...

Thanks Ian for the evening out. I truly wished I had made it down to your end of the table to hear more conversation.

Let's do it again.